Zip Line Tour

Hacienda Barú is a 330 hectare (815 acre) biological reserve that encompasses a brilliant variety of habitats that represent the soul of Central America and the magic of Costa Rica. Although we at Manu Villas enjoy making your vacation a private affair we do entourage you to see the spectacular variety of animals and forests that Costa Rica has to offer. We are delighted that Hacienda Barus is just minutes from our residence. In the reserve there are several versions of the forest. You can see the variances from wetland and secondary forest in the lowlands to primary forest and then to the changes on the highland coastal ridge.  Trekking through 7 Km of trails and 3 Km of pristine beach are worth every moment as well as experiencing the enticing allure of the orchid and butterfly garden. The reserve is a save haven for anteaters, ocelots, kinkajous, tayras, capuchin monkeys, and jaguarondis. The bird list is in excess of 330 species and growing: roseate spoonbills, magnificent frigate birds, boat-billed herons, kingfishers, curassows, falcons, cormorants, anhinga, and owls among others. The vegetation, foliage, and flora list is far from complete and there are already over 100 trees and 75 orchid species named.


The Rainforest Zip line Tour imitates the flight of the chestnut-mandible toucan! You can feel the freedom of the flight as you leap off a branch, swoop down through the forest and then up into another tree. On this tour the cable rides escort you safely from one ridge top to another crossing above valleys and streams. There are 14 land based supported platforms and 1 tree platform with views of the ocean. You will have 2 guides on this tour to explain the various points of interest and ensure the safety of everyone. This is a great way to experience the forest as only the birds can!


  • Professional guides
  • Safety equipment